A 4-Month Journey to Trusting Your Gut

1:1 Coaching

Do you suffer from abdominal pain? Low levels of energy? Getting so bloated it looks like you have a "food baby" everytime you eat?

I get it, which is why I've developed this program which aims to eliminate any or all discomfort around your gut and help you to have:

More energy

Less Bloat

Regular, Paiin-ree BMs

Clear Skin

Sharp Mind

No more acid reflux

More control of your life

Stronger Libido

This is a 1-1 coaching program designed to help you implement lifelong habits that serve your highest self and optimized health.

A comprehensive program designed with you and your busy lifestyle in mind, to help you Understand and Heal your gut to relieve symptoms of bloating, gas, irregular bowels, rashes, anxiety, depression, brain fog, chronic fatigue, and stress.

You will receive the tools & support necessary to:



Learn the signs of hunger and be able to dierentiate between actual hunger and when you are seeking something else in life

Create a menu
Hunger/fullness scale
How to chew
How to water


Learn what foods are causing symptoms in the body via a 14-day elimination and reintroduction diet.

Complete 4-week Gut Health reset


Understand the gut microbiome in a digestible (pun intended) way.

Top toxins 
Reading food labels


How to recognize disempowering beliefs (and self-sabotage) about your body and what to do to change them.

Transforming your body legacy script


Learn how to feed the good bacteria in your gut and why it’s important.

Dirty dozen & clean 15
Fermented foods
Protein guide for veggies


How to naturally heal and reverse symptoms and why it’s happening in the first place.

Acid reflux, rashes, bloat
How to chew
Magic plate
Effects of stress
Eating with reverence


Learn about the Central Nervous System and how important it is to re-establish your BASE-LINE of health.

Get out of Fight-or-Flight 
Why this is important
How to do it.
Blood sugar roller coaster


Learn mindfulness techniques that will help to minimize stress AND accept your emotions at ANY time of day.

Guided meditation
4-4-4-4 breath (or 5-5-7)
EFT - tapping
Emotional Brain Training (EBT) Journal Exercise


Let go of that which is no longer serving you by understanding and setting healthy boundaries withOUT hurting those you love.

Future Self Journaling
Honoring your Yes and NO on your Calendar


How to move forward and implement lasting change.

How to Tea / Coffee / Booze / Sleep / Sweet tooth guides


Top 5 most important priorities in my life

How to Ask for what you want, and GET IT!
4-Step System 


I can practically see you nodding your head! This is perfect for:

Ambitious women who are ready to make lifestyle shifts to heal their gut

Women who are seeking alternative healing and are fed-up with the traditional medical system and “doing all the things.”

The educated woman who doesn’t know much about Gut Health and wants to get to the info without wasting time researching.

Women who are interested in incorporating a Wholistic approach ALONG with the support of their doctors and therapists. 

Women who are interested in co-creating and manifesting the life of their dreams.

Women who are interested in mindfulness and see the value in a coach’s role for support and accountability.

An empath who doesn’t yet have strong boundaries yet is willing to learn and change.

Client Results

"An amazing experience that provided results and knowledge to utilize for the rest of my life!"


"This experience has left me more empowered to be able to make the best choices for myself."


"I just finished doing the gut health Reset and I’ve honestly never felt physically better! I highly recommend it"



What to expect

This 1-1 coaching programs start with the Gut Health Reset Cleanse. Learn more about the reset!

Coaching Calls

Throughout the 4 months we will have 12 laser coaching calls total, which is 3 per month.

Follow Up

Following each call you will receive notes for charting and action steps to take before our next call.

Goal Tracking

You will have access to personalized goal tracking through Get Healthie Software.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited Text/Voice message availability via WhatsApp and email contact, M-F 8-4 EST

Video Modules

12 online video modules for education, guided meditation, life tips & anything else to help you!

Get ready to embark on your journey of releasing the old, feeling energized and pressing reset.

Improve your digestion (less gas and bloat)
Enhance your ability to mobilize toxins
Decrease congestion and allergy symptoms
Discover food sensitives
Create healthy habits that enliven you!

Shed excess weight
Boost your energy
Feel lighter and cleaner
Decrease your craving for unhealthy foods
Experience deeper sleep and clearer skin

Are you ready?

This is a 1-1 coaching program designed to help you implement lifelong habits that serve your highest self and optimized health. Please be ready to make that commitment to yourself.

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