Trust your gut, digest your life

I am here to help you heal your gut and claim your sovereignty again!

intuitive Gut Health Coach

I help women finally heal their gut health so they can live their happiest and most abundant lives.

With a healed gut, healing our mind and soul is inevitable. It is my mission to encourage you to trust your gut and remember that we have innate wisdom and endless power within.


12 weekly group zoom calls designed to be an incubator for our highest selves. A judgement-free zone to ask questions, receive support, and cheer on each other as we continue on our healing journey, wherever we may be in the process.

High Vibe Vortex

A 6-month highly specialized gut-healing program for female entrepreneurs and high-performing executives who are exhausted from the hustle and grind, yet love getting shit done.


A 4-week Gut Health Reset comprehensive, inflammatory elimination protocol created for you to understand the foods that cause symptoms of allergy, sensitivity, inflammation, or toxicity in your unique body.

Gut Health Reset

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7-Steps you can implement NOW to bounce back to your most vibrant self!
Post-Antibiotic Protocol

Hi love,
I'm Chelsea

I am a Certified Gut Health coach specializing in Health Optimization through Gut Health and the Abundance Mindset. I truly believe and know that the body has the ability to heal, given the right environment and circumstances. Together, we co-create your mindset transition from scarcity to abundance in order for more easeful, profitable and downstream lifestyles.





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