Trust your gut, digest your life

do you suffer from bloat, gas, abdominal pain, irregular bowels, overwhelm, anxiety, or decision fatigue?

worry no more, love. you've landed here on purpose.

I am here to help you heal your gut and REclaim your sovereignty!

intuitive Gut Health Coach

I help women physically heal their gut so they can enjoy food again, experience pleasure as they once did, and live life on THIER terms (not when their gut dictates it!)

With a healed gut, healing our mind and soul is inevitable. It is my mission to encourage you to trust your gut and remember that we have innate wisdom and endless power within.
You are the guru of your own body. I'm simply a guide to help you remember this.


A 6-month VIP Signature Program to understand the root cause of your gut issues, bloat, and constipation so you can live freely, abundantly, and joyfully again.

Go all in: Gut health agency

This Starter Pack is your first step in understanding your gut microbiome and how well your GI system is working. The comprehensive functional stool test called the GI Map will give you all the answers you're seeking to your chronic bloat, rashes, reflux, constipation, and more!

A 4-week, self-guided healing protocol intended to eliminate inflammation for you to heal and deeply understand the foods that cause symptoms of allergy, sensitivity, or toxicity in your unique body.
Sometimes we just need to hit Reset.

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Start here: Gut Health Reset

Your roadmap to a Gut Healthy Life

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7-Steps you can implement to start healing NOW!
Post-Antibiotic Protocol

Hi love,
I'm Chelsea

I am a Certified Gut Health coach specializing in Health Optimization through Gut Health and the Abundance Mindset. I truly believe and know that the body has the ability to heal, given the right environment and circumstances. Together, we co-create your mindset transition from scarcity to abundance in order for more easeful, profitable and downstream lifestyles.





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