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A specialized 6-month gut-healing 1-1 mentorship for female entrepreneurs and high-performing executives who eat healthy and exercise, yet still "feel out of whack". You are exhausted from the hustle and grind, yet love getting shit done. 

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magic and medicine

The journey to a mindful life

Because it takes a village... 12x weekly Zoom Group Calls in a judgment-free zone to ask questions, receive support, and cheer each other on as we continue on our healing journeys.


Mastermind Accelerator

This holistic program is designed to unearth your well-being and success in a way you have never experienced before by utilizing a bit of Magic and Medicine: gut health science-meets-psychological healing-meets-spiritual awakening.
It's time you Trust Your Gut again.

In 6-months of deeply personalized guided coaching, you will learn my simple and transformative approach to:

Minimize and potentially eliminate physical symptoms of discomfort (IBD, chronic fatigue, rashes, bloat)

Create more life-force energy

Set boundaries without shame

Claim your own true desires

Generate more ease and flow within the context of your supremely busy life

The 4 pillars of
Magic & Medicine



In Pillar 1, we survey the land of your "Gut Garden."
Together, we build the vision for the flourishing garden of your life and create actionable, measurable goals for our time together. We utilize top qPCR technology with an easy, at-home GI Map test to determine the presence of pathogens, bacteria, fungi, yeast & parasites that cause dysbiosis and chronic disease. Our in-house Naturopathic Doctor assesses & creates your unique healing protocol based on your GI Map results for true root-cause healing to occur. We begin to deep dive into your unique intuitive eating paradigm for how, what & when to eat for YOUR unique body.
It's time to heal without giving up your favorite things, like chocolate, pizza, and Prosecco! We’re meant to live ALL & MORE rather than EITHER/OR!

“If we want things to be different, we have to do different things.”


Pillar 2 is all about hitting Reset. This is where we "pull the weed" of your beautiful gut garden.
A 2-week inflammatory elimination protocol kicks off your true gut healing journey. Unlike traditional resets that work only briefly, my gentle approach allows the body to do what it does best: naturally detox & heal. You will also learn my signature Highest-Self Activation Mental Rehearsal technique (the exact method pro-athletes use to win Olympics) that will guarantee energy & success everywhere from that board meeting to date-night, donning inside-out radiance thanks to your newly healed gut!

“The body can and does heal itself, if given the chance.”


Pillar 3: 'Nourish' is the most critical step to differentiate from 97% of women who gain back bloat, heaviness & pain after they have embarked on a healing protocol. 
This will not happen again because we are permanently off the diet mentality train! In this Pillar, we fertilize your garden.
Leverage your internal resourcefulness with this toolkit to no longer yo-yo diet & burn life at both ends. We will nourish and re-inoculate your microbiome with nutrient-dense foods, as well as nourish your soul with Play, Passion, and Pleasure... something you stopped allowing yourself to explore many years ago.
Create a life of true self-care; a life you no longer numb out from. Discover how to integrate Pillar 1+2 to turn new healthy behaviors into habits that last forever.

“We have everything that we need, we must simply let go of that which is no longer serving us.”


It's time to CELEBRATE!
You’ve assessed your garden, pulled out the weeds, churned the soil, and fertilized & watered areas that needed extra help.
Now watch your gut & life garden flourish! With ease and pleasure, you've learned how to consistently follow through with your 6-month roadmap.
I will guide you thru the exact process I’ve used to build a thriving business, marry the love of my life, live a debt-free global lifestyle, and holistically manage autoimmune dis-ease for over 20 years.
It's time you have the energy again to create and manifest your life's legacy that will last for generations.

“Our Intuition is wise and we CAN trust our gut!”


What to expect

Month 6 

Discovering the next level + completion ritual 

Month 5

Top 5 Life Priorities - Honoring yes/no + learning to acknowledge the journey: RECEIVE by giving

Month 4

Being B.A.D. with Naughty/Nourish list + bring out hidden Personal Power via a Woundology Meditation

Month 3

How to Reintroduce & what is Self-Sabotage
How to Relax; Effects of stress on the gut

Month 2

Review gut health reset PROTOCOL and implement highest-self Mental Rehearsal 

Month 1

Desired state goal setting and learning to determine actual hunger vs craving something else

lifetime access to my courses and online community

daily accountability messaging

detailed assignments that you can complete in the nooks and crannies of your busy life

private, bi-weekly 45-min calls with me

Not only will you have an Intuitive Health & Life specialist (me) as your trusted advisor on speed dial for 6 months, you will also receive:

Weekly high vibe vortex group coaching calls

gi map testing with personalized healing protocol

Client Results

"Life has been so much better and I have achieved so much!"

"I have the best coach." That's what I said to a friend who had noticed an amazing transformation. I have worked with Chelsea for about 6 months, In this short time, we worked on life goals, getting healthy and a growth mindset. Life became better and I was able to achieve so much. I look forward to working with her and achieving so much more. Chelsea has so much knowledge and amazing skills in the coaching and growth space. Thank you Chelsea for all you do!"


"Working with Chelsea has been transformative both for my health and my life satisfaction."

In the past when focusing on health goals, it has become counterproductive because I was too rigid. Not with Chelsea! She's helped me make sustainable, healthy shifts in habits without ever feeling a sense of deprivation. Most helpful have been my life coaching sessions with Chelsea. I've repeatedly been struck by her ability to tune in to my internal hurdles and offer prompts or guidance that I needed to hear. Chelsea is dedicated to helping her clients and I can feel her commitment and passion in each of our interactions!


"You will never come across someone more passionate about health & clients as Chelsea!"

"You will never come across someone more passionate about not only health but her clients as you will Chelsea. I have had the honor of working with Chelsea the last four months and she has been such a joy. She is responsive, well-educated, energetic and a beam of light. If you are ready to take the journey of healing your gut and becoming healthier- she is your girl!"


"Working with Chelsea has been an amazing experience"

"Working with Chelsea has been an amazing experience: transformative, empowering, and FUN! Chelsea has given me tools and inspired me to cultivate joy, calm, and meaning in all aspects of my life. She is magic, and I can't recommend her enough!"


I can practically see you nodding your head! This is perfect for:

Ambitious women who are ready to find the root cause of their symptoms

Women who are seeking to eradicate their symptoms for good - we're not here for a temporary bandaid

Those willing to get radically honest about their true desires and take personal responsibility for them

Women who understand the power of mentorship

Those who don't have to ask permission of anyone but themselves to make an investment in their health and future

Women who are willing and excited to invest in getting real, actual results

Someone who is connected to and appreciates the energetics and intuitive side

Meet your gut health and life coach!

As a certified gut health and life coach with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I realize now that experiences with childhood abandonment and bankruptcy led me to falsely believe that health, wealth, and abundance only came through sacrifice, pain, and a whole lot of hard work. That anxiety and relentless hustle led to autoimmune disease and suffering on a whole new level.

Because of my strong intuition (and brute stubbornness), I was able to finally break through the confusion and the system that got me sick in the first place. I have spent the last decade of my life dedicated to learning, unlearning, and implementing the most efficient, results-driven protocol so that all YOU have to do is show up and commit vs. spending months, years, or decades longer living anything but your happiest, most fulfilled life.

Meet chelsea


Okay, I definitely need this. What's the investment?

$9,000 and certainty of success

Or if you're a fast decision maker like me - there's an even better price for those who are ready to trust their gut and eager to start NOW. Book your call and ask me about the Fast Action Investment.

What is your health's vitality and deep soul-alignment truly worth?

Payment plans available.

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Imagine where you’ll be in 6 months when you:

Have your life and peace of mind back rather than holding on to the bullsh*t you’ve picked up along the way that isn’t serving you

Aren't at the mercy of the scarcity rooted dreams that someone told you was the path to happiness

Don't have external forces dictating how you live your life instead of remembering your purpose by listening to your own gut wisdom and intuition

Finally feel at ease in your body without inflammation and other debilitating symptoms

No longer eat emotionally and addictively: now you eat intuitively and pleasurably

Allow your meals to be a sacred experience rather than micromanaging your food and health

Create clarity in your life instead of conflict; you own your desires vs. downplaying them or fearing pleasure

Create clarity in your life instead of conflict; you own your desires vs. downplaying them or fearing pleasure

Are you ready?

Let’s find your spark again so you can remember the you that you have always been before your spark was dimmed by the monotony of life!

There is only 1 available spot for this offering per month. Your first step is to book a 20-min call to see if it’s the right fit for you, and vice versa. If it is a good fit, we can get you enrolled and up and running in the next week. If it's not, we'll send you off with a resource or two that will support your journey no matter where you are.

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