Hi love,
I'm Chelsea

As a Certified Gut Health coach specializing in Health Optimization through Gut Health and the Abundance Mindset, I believe that with a healed gut, healing your mind and soul is inevitable. 

I help women finally heal their gut so they can live their happiest and most abundant lives.

From superyachts to health coach (and everything in between).

After marrying and divorcing at a young age, I decided it was time for me to go on an adventure and join a superyacht crew to sail around the world. This lead me to working with the top 1% entrepreneurs, meeting people of all shapes and sizes and living a busy lifestyle that was both thrilling and exhausting. 

While this adventure was exciting (and lead me to meeting the love of my life), a part of me craved to help others live this healthy and abundant life I was so grateful for. 

So, as I was sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, which as you'd expect gives you a lot of time to think, I decided to apply to get my Health Coach Certification - and the rest is history!

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The most important lesson I learned - we're all human.

We all have the same wants, needs, and pains, we are all human,  and I'm here to help you connect to your gut in order to obtain your most abundant, downstream and easeful life. You have all that you need, you simply need to let go of that which is no longer working for you and find the right system, support, and accountability that works for you.

Together, we co-create your mindset transition from scarcity to abundance in order for more easeful, profitable and downstream lifestyles through nutrition for measurable results and defining YOUR most optimized and healthy life.

My philosophies

If we want things to be different, we have to do different things.

The body can and does heal itself if given the chance.

We have everything that we need, we must simply let go of that which is no longer serving us.

Our Intuition is wise and we CAN and MUST trust our gut!

Life does not have to be either/or, and it can be all and more!

I truly believe and know that the body has the ability to heal, given the right environment and circumstances.

Client Results

"An amazing experience that provided results and knowledge to utilize for the rest of my life!"


"This experience has left me more empowered to be able to make the best choices for myself."


"I just finished doing the gut health Reset and I’ve honestly never felt physically better! I highly recommend it"



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I hope to leave this earth a better place than when I joined, and maybe somehow inspire you to do the same. 

Thank you so much for being here & joining me on this journey.

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