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I offer different programs to help you trust your gut and live your best life! See below to browse how we can work together.

Chelsea works with people who know the importance of gut health and are ready to take action immediately on healing their gut.


12 weekly group zoom calls designed to be an incubator for our highest selves. A judgement-free zone to ask questions, receive support, and cheer on each other as we continue on our healing journey, wherever we may be in the process.

High Vibe Vortex

A 6-month highly specialized gut-healing program for female entrepreneurs and high-performing executives who are exhausted from the hustle and grind, yet love getting shit done.


A 4-week Gut Health Reset comprehensive, inflammatory elimination protocol created for you to understand the foods that cause symptoms of allergy, sensitivity, inflammation, or toxicity in your unique body.

Gut Health Reset

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If you're unsure what program is right for you, you can book a discovery call or email me directly. Let's heal your gut!

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