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where coaching meets clinical - A power team of health coaches and a Registered Dietician here to help you deeply understand your body and the root causes of your gut issues. 

We are a 100% virtual practice extending our services worldwide and helping our clients heal through GI Map testing, mindfulness, abundance mindset, and habit change.

For the highly achieving ex-corporate ready to heal their gut issues & find their flow.
Goodbye heartburn, bloat, gut issues, and constipation - hello freedom abundance, and joy.

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  • You: The burnt-out high-achiever looking to rewrite what “hustle” means to you and find your flow.
  • Those who feel like they need a change in health & life.
  • Those who have taken the step to change but are ready for true healing from a root cause level.
  • For the person who is experiencing dis-ease like heartburn, anxiety, irregular bowels, autoimmune disease, & brain fog. 
  • Those who struggle to unwind, relax and constantly feel like they should be doing something "more."
  • Those who are always on the go and constantly “should-ing” on themselves.
  • This is for you if slowing down - and feeling it all - feels terrifying, overwhelming & all-consuming.
  • The rat race feels safe and comfortable but you know that slowing down is actually what you need.
  • Those of you operating in a "survival-state" just to get by.

This is for you if you:

  • Have ever felt gaslit or dismissed by specialists - we have all been there personally and we are here to LISTEN
  • Still don’t have answers to your ongoing symptoms 
  • Often go days without any bowel movements
  • Struggle to slow down, and feel your feelings
  • Suffer from anxiety and mental brain fog
  • You’re sick & tired of feeling sick & tired. You are finally ready to feel better and make a change.
  • Have tried elimination diets and they haven’t helped OR they’ve worsened your symptoms 
  • Feel stuck and restricted to a limited diet of what “works” with your body
  • Fear eating out, traveling, or being intimate due to the embarrassment and discomfort of digestive disorders & even pain
  • You are confused by what has been sold to you as “healthy”
  • You’re interested in Gut Health science and want to expand your knowledge
  • Micromanage your meals - are doing "all the things" - and STILL feel like cr*p
  • Are ready to HEAL your relationship with food

If this sounds familiar, we want you to know that you are not alone. 

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A highly specialized, evidence-based 6-month gut healing program for sustainable gut healing and habit change.

A gut health deep dive, to finally discover the answers to all your gut health questions.
Discover the root cause of your gut issues, bloat, and constipation with combined health coaching and clinical diagnosis. Tap into your nervous system and undo the damage and inflammation of your high-stress life with the GHA experts: It’s time to rewrite your “hustle” and learn “trust your gut” again.

Combine GI map testing and nutritional therapy with health & mindset coaching so you can live freely, abundantly, and joyfully again.


Take action against your constipation and your bloat.

Breakthrough past harmful patterns and root causes of your gut health issues.

Eat, live and travel with ease and without the embarrassing digestive symptoms.

Learn HOW, WHEN and WHAT to eat by knowing which foods and supplements are right for you.

Apply to JOIN the GUT HEALTH AGENCY now 

Heal your relationship with food and finally make peace with your plate.

Abandon your Either-or mindset and adopt an abundance mindset of “All-and-More”.

Trust the divine intelligence of your body to no longer fear sensations - symptoms are signs not proof - you are not broken.

You’ll spend 6 months with our 3 hands-on experts to deeply personalize your healing and learn how to:


We’re here to listen. You will personally meet us to review your unique symptoms and provide you with protocol updates based on your GI Map results. Clear is kind and after every call you’ll know exactly what steps to take next.

GI Map testing:

With the use of top qPCR technology we’re going to discover the current fingerprint of your gut microbiome and causes of your issues. This includes but is not limited to: dysbiosis, infection, parasites and yeast overgrowth.

Weekly Accountability Calls:

Receive individualized feedback, answers to any questions, and access to our incredible and supportive community.

Weekly Symptom review:

We’ve put in the work so you don’t have to. Log into your client-only access to track your symptoms and meals so we can give you personalized feedback on WHY you feel that way - and actionable steps on what to do about it. 

Unlimited support:

Our goal is for you to walk away trusting yourself (your gut) and your body, and we’re here to show you how to do that. Every. Step. Of. The. Way. Our knowledgeable team offers 1:1 feedback and support -  so ask us anything - we’re here to serve YOU.

1:1 Check-Ins Every Month:

Access to the Trust Your Gut method:

A step-by-step, trusted method to help you get to the root cause of your gut issues with video modules to watch any way you’d like - these are the keys to understand the WHY behind gut health.

Not only will you have 24/7 personalized access to 3 industry-leading gut experts for 6 months – you will also receive:







Monthly Live Guest Presentations: (and access to the replays) Because it takes a village to build your gut microbiome back up - and because we want to cover every angle - to leave you walking away truly trusting your gut!


Trust Your Gut Signature Program

Module Breakdown

Know your WHY & your underlying mindset to dis-ease.
Manifest your NEW foundation for the next 6 months (and your life)

Welcome & Your WHY

Trust your gut

The Foundations

Intuition: A scientific view
HOW to trust our inner knowing

Learn HOW to eat
Rebuild the foundation of your gut
Implement meal hygiene

When do I eat?

The Daily Poop

What do I eat?

Create a poop routine
Daily structure & habits to improve your daily digestion & health

Learn WHAT to eat
How to build your magic plate
The two elements to reintroduce every day

Debunking Dysbiosis (Bacterial Overgrowth)

Cephalic Phase

Stomach Acid

Understand the effects
Equip yourself with what to do about it 

Food Foreplay!
“Turn your digestion on"
Eliminate Bloat 
Enjoy your food again
Food as a sacred and sensual ritual

Action against low acid & why it matters
How to support your GI function

Motility & The Gut-Brain Axis

Balance your blood sugar

Food Fear


Digestive Markers

High Stress

Learn the cause & its impact on your gut
The hunger/fullness scale to balance your blood sugar

Gain effective strategies & coping skills to regulate your nervous system
The power of: RELAX

Gain the knowledge against incomplete bowel movements
Take action against infrequent poops

Understand your own unique signs of hunger and fullness
Create a roadmap to truly know your own body’s needs

Move from fear to freedom regarding food rules & patterns
Use habit change & pleasure sensors to combat addictive behaviors

Is this your missing link?
Actions against hypothyroidism
















How to work WITH our bodies
Digestive enzymes & their magic abilities on our essential organs

Bonus modules:

What it is, tests for, and what it all means.
Plus how to approach it.
  1. Effective alcohol and caffeine consumption for gut health.
  2. Traveling for gut health
  3. Optimal sleeping for our gut
  4. The GI Map & The Leaky Gut


$3997 Paid In Full
$675/month x6 months.

I'm ready to invest

Working with Chelsea for 2 years changed my life. When I first started working with Chelsea,  Emotionally I was stuck in a paralysis of grief and shock. Physically I was suffering with exhaustion, daily debilitating gut issues, headaches and my immune system was really low. 

Once I started implementing healing tools Chelsea introduced me to I started to see the changes. My energy started to come back, I was no longer in daily pain and discomfort with my gut, I learned how to eat mindfully and honour this body and what I put into it. During our time together I built and launched a new business and stepped so far out of my comfort zone! I know it was due to working with Chelsea that I was able to do this. 

- Hannah P

Hear what our Clients have to say

Founder & Ceo

I am a certified Gut Health and Life Coach with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. After my first marriage ended, I realized that my experiences with childhood abandonment and bankruptcy led me to falsely believe that health, wealth, and abundance only came through sacrifice, pain, and a whole lot of hard work and relentless hustle. 

Due to my strong intuition and years dedicated to holistic healing and self-development, I was able to finally break through the chains of confusion of the system that got me sick in the first place. I have spent the last decade of my life dedicated to learning, unlearning, and implementing the most efficient, results-driven protocol so that all YOU have to do is show up and commit vs. spending months, years, or decades longer living anything but your happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled and abundant life!

I love any and all poop puns and am here to make healing EASY, joyful, and full of pleasure and desire again!

Chelsea Haines


“The Visionary”

What do you get when you combine two life & gut health coaches WITH a SUPER SMART registered dietician?
The magic mix where coaching meets clinical to bring you the gut health agency.
Here’s a little more about each of our TEAM MEMBERS:

Lead Health Coach

I’m Trish, a Gut Health & Intuitive Lifestyle Coach. I have found my passion in helping ambitious professionals beat bloat and burnout through holistic habit change. I believe everyone deserves to feel good physically and intuitively, deep down in their gut, about the life they’re creating for themselves. 
I am a Certified Health, Life, Nutrition, and Wellness Coach, and I integrate my degree in Psychology and Public Health, as well as my training in Neuroscience and Addiction into my practice. With my ability to listen deeply and personalized solutions for my clients, I have helped hundreds of individuals from all walks of life establish potent and lasting health changes. 

I’m a total foodie, nature and music lover, and I’m always there to find the fun and humor in life – I cannot wait to share my love for food and life with you on your healing journey.

Trish Whetstone

“The Enthusiast”

Registered Dietician

I’m Sarah, a New York-based registered dietitian. I spent my whole teenage life suffering from gut issues. I went to countless doctors, only to be given “bandaid” solutions to my problems. It was only after I learned the root cause of my symptoms, that I found relief from the dis-ease that had been my “normal.” I knew there were countless others out there who share my experience, so I spent 5+ years pursuing my dreams and became a Registered Dietitian to help others heal their gut by getting to the root cause of their issues.
I am a real, no BS, true blue NY gal from Brooklyn. When you work with me you’ll get 100% of my attention, encouragement and all the tools you need to finally heal your gut. Let's get down to the root causes of your issues so you can feel your best self again (and stay that way!)

Sarah Chana Schiffer

“The Problem Solver”

I'm ready to start healing now

frequently asked questions

We will not be doing an elimination diet in this program. The goal of this program is to no longer have to eliminate any of your favorite foods. Your GI Map test will tell us if it is recommended to be mindful of any specific food group.

Diet and supplements alone will not fix your gut issues (which you have unfortunately learned the hard way!) This specialized program is unique as it combines both clinical diagnosis WITH mindset and lifestyle coaching; the missing piece when working with a functional medicine doctor.

In addition to our weekly group calls (3 weeks on, 1 week off) our clients often spend about 20 minutes each week watching learning modules, updating their food logs, and engaging with each other in our group.

Gut health is not a one-stop shop. Our goal here is for you to deeply understand the root cause of your unique symptoms, to establish a strong sense of trust in your own intuiton, and to create a lifestyle that is easy to maintain, free of food fear, AND includes living a joyful and mindful lifestyle.

This is not and never will be a weight-loss program. We do often see weight loss as a positive side effect of healing the gut. If weight loss is your primary and only goal, we are happy to refer you to a different program.

You have access to your private client login on Healthie CRM and current learning modules for a lifetime!

You will get out of this program what you put into it. Though we cannot guarantee results, the clients who engage weekly, lean into the high level of support given to them, and show up with their best effort have seen dramatic results and a lifetime’s worth of improvement in their gut and overall outlook on life. For this reason, we do not offer any refunds. We do, however, expect and see miracles here!

Of course! Simply book a 20-minute call to digest your situation and to see if Trust Your Gut Method is right for you!